Enhance your photography experience with PikaPods’ photo-related apps. These applications are designed to help you organize, edit, and share your photos effortlessly. Discover the power of intelligent photo management and seamless sharing.


Discover PhotoPrism, an AI-powered photo app designed for the decentralized web. This app leverages cutting-edge technologies to automatically tag and locate images, providing a seamless experience. Whether hosted at home, on a private server, or in the cloud, PhotoPrism offers versatile photo management.

  • Part 1: Basics: Learn how to utilize essential PhotoPrism features, including uploading images, creating albums, and sharing content.


Get started with Immich, a self-hosted alternative to Google Photos, for storing and backing up your photos and videos.

  • Part 1: Basics: A guide to setting up and using Immich on PikaPods for photo and video management.

Explore a range of other photo-related apps offered by PikaPods that can further enhance your photo management and editing tasks. Stay tuned for upcoming tutorials and guides on these apps.