Debugging a Pod

If a pod shows “Pod is loading…” for more than a few minutes, there is usually an issue with starting it. The causes of this can be varied. Some common ones are a lack of space, wrong env vars or some issue inside the application container. You can follow the below steps to isolate the issue:

Check Logs

In most cases the detailed error can be found in the pod logs. To view them, just click the Show Logs button and look for obvious errors.

Some apps also write logs to their persistent storage. Those can be accessed via SFTP.

If the error is still unclear or no log is available, you can also use Report Issue, include the logs you got and we’ll investigate further.

Recreate Pod

You can fully reset your pod by adjusting either Resources or Env Vars in the Settings tab. This will recreate the application and only your database (if any) and files will remain. Doing so will also resolve any issue that happened inside the application. It won’t resolve issues that are related to settings files or wrong env vars.