Track and monitor system performance and availability with PikaPod’s monitoring apps. Monitor websites, servers, applications, and other IT infrastructure effortlessly. Ensure the uptime and stability of your critical systems with ease.


Discover Changedetection, an open-source app designed to help you monitor website changes effortlessly. This versatile tool allows you to automate the process of tracking modifications on websites, from simple page changes to deep inspections of content such as PDFs, JSON, XML, and more. Whether you want to keep an eye on price updates, restock notifications, or any other website alterations, Changedetection has you covered.

  • Part 1: Basics: Learn the basic features of Changedetection, including monitoring websites and receiving notifications.

Uptime Kuma

Dive into Uptime Kuma for easy website and server checks. This quick guide covers everything from pod setup to status pages.

Explore a variety of monitoring-related apps offered by PikaPods that can further enhance your website, servers and other monitoring tasks. Stay tuned for upcoming tutorials and guides on these apps.