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Sync from Mobile Apps

The official PhotoPrism site already has a guide on how to sync with different mobile apps. For PikaPods specifically, the settings are as follows for WebDAV-based sync:

  • Server: Your PikaPods domain. E.g.
  • Port: 443
  • Login: Always admin (until multi-user support is added)
  • Password: The password used to log into PhotoPrism. Set as PHOTOPRISM_ADMIN_PASSWORD when setting up the pod and then editable from the PhotoPrism settings page.
  • Directory: /originals/ or /import/
  • Use SSL: Should be enabled

Automatic indexing will only start some minutes after upload. You can still follow the upload progress on Library > Logs.


Import from WebDAV Storage (e.g. Nextcloud)

It’s possible to import pictures from a remote WebDAV location, which e.g. Nextcloud (also available on PikaPods) can provide. Here the steps:

  1. Add PhotoPrism pod (make sure to config name and password)
  2. Log in as admin with “admin” and password that you just generated
  3. Click on the user profile avatar in the bottom left
  4. Navigate to the “services” tab and click “connect”
  5. Create new tab and log into your previously set up Nextcloud page
  6. Click on user profile in top right
  7. Navigate to security tab
  8. At bottom type “photoprism” into “app name” and click “create app password” (save these for later)
  9. Navigate to files tab in Nextcloud
  10. In bottom left click on “Files settings”
  11. Copy WebDAV address
  12. Head back to photoprism tab and paste in WebDAV URL, user, and password
  13. Enable Directory sync by clicking the little sync button on the remote. Chose appropriate folder and interval
  14. Give the server a couple hours to copy and index all files.