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Initial Setup

The MM_TEAMSETTINGS_ENABLEOPENSERVER environment variable determines if users can register on your Mattermost pod. You should set it to true until registering the first admin user.

After the pod is created, open it via Open Pod and follow those steps to create an admin user and team:

  1. Choose View in browser to skip downloading an app
  2. Then Don’t have an account? to add the initial admin account
  3. Choose an email, username and password
  4. Then create a team

That’s it! You should now be in your team’s workspace. You can then go to the System Console or add more teams via the menus in the top-left.

Also be sure to disable open registrations, if appropriate, by setting the MM_TEAMSETTINGS_ENABLEOPENSERVER env var to false in your PikaPods control panel.

Sending emails

Mattermost doesn’t always require emails, but uses it for select features, like forgotten passwords. To enable sending email, add your SMTP details as described here. You can use your existing email service or a service recommended in our email section.